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Shalini Mishra

Mrs. Shalini Mishra connects to Chikankari at a spiritual level. Being born and bred in Lucknow she has seen Chikankari at close quarters since childhood. She has also seen Chikankari practise declining due to several factors, primarily the lack of skilled artisans and the branding of Chikankari as Haute Couture, reserved for special occasions. Two decades ago she decided to give up her professional career in brand building and marketing, and make Chikankari her Ikigai

Manjari Chikankari, a Fair Trade organization, is dedicated to popularizing the use of Chikankari through modern applications that are in tune with the times. Manjari was started with a mission to put Chikankari to make sure that the women working in this industry are appreciated and compensated for the outstanding work they do. Manjari encourages artisans to pick up this generation-old threadwork technique by facilitating training and employment. Today Manjari has spread its fragrance to several countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Manjari has made a positive impact to the lives and livelihood to scores of Artisans in the heartlands of UP, India